Codepush not working from my Google Play App store version

This issue has been created since 2019-07-09.

I have successfully setup Codepush and have it working from my local react-native apps via the simulators, etc. I have tried it from my staging/production builds...and everything works.

I then put a release version (react-native run-android --variant=release) on my simulator and tested and again, it worked .

I have then published my "production" code to Google App store. Now, the version I download run from the Appstore does NOT doesn't see any of the updates.

What am I missing? Is there some kind of key or other mechanism that needs to be enabled in order to work from the Google play version?

ElixirMike wrote this answer on 2019-07-09

Just another data point here. It now appears that if I sign-out / sign-back into the application, the update gets correctly applied. However, in my app, I have a button that says "Check for updates"
It runs this code:

checkforUpdates = () => {
    updateDialog: true,
    installMode: codePush.InstallMode.IMMEDIATE

On my local Simulator, this works...the dialog box appears and says there is a new update, do I want to install or cancel. But, my version from Google Play store does nothing. Any ideas on how I could fix this?

alexandergoncharov wrote this answer on 2019-07-09

Hi @ElixirMike,
Thanks for reporting!

There isn't any additional setting for working with Google play store. Possible you published some other version of your app. Could you please double-check it and let me know your results?

ElixirMike wrote this answer on 2019-07-09

Like I said in my second post, it appears to be working when I restart the app or log out/back in.
I have the codesync in two places. One on the main component it runs on componentDidMount. I also have a menu item that says ""Check for updates".

The menu item that calls this code for "check for updates" works on my local release version. But it does not work on my Google Play Store version.

checkforUpdates = () => {
updateDialog: true,
installMode: codePush.InstallMode.IMMEDIATE

I know I have the correct production key however, because if I start/stop the app, the code does get updated via the ComponentDidMount action.

Maybe there is a permission thing with showing that Dialog box in a prod environment?

faisal3413 wrote this answer on 2019-07-10

Hi @alexandergoncharov

I'm also facing the same issue. My iOS test flight build and android debug/release build is updating fine. It stopped updating only after publishing the android app to play store. Please have a look into this and guid me.

gaurav-chandra wrote this answer on 2019-07-11

I am also stumped with the same issue in my ionic cordova app. If I run the app outside of the playstore, it works fine but the builds which are uploaded to google play store are not executing this code. I have added the key in config.xml:

<access origin="*" />
<platform name="android">
        <preference name="CodePushDeploymentKey" value="********EBrrkzQHGoxH" />

and the code is supposed to be executed every time the app starts:

					if(DiService.checkInternet()) {
						let updateDialogOptions = {
							updateTitle: "An update is available",
							optionalUpdateMessage: "An update is available. The app will auto-restart once done. App will be updated in the background.",
							descriptionPrefix:"v "+APP_VERSION+" Changes: ",
							mandatoryUpdateMessage : "A mandatory update is available. The app will auto-restart once done. App will be updated in the background.",
							mandatoryContinueButtonLabel:"Install Now"
						codePush.sync(null, {updateDialog: updateDialogOptions, installMode: InstallMode.IMMEDIATE});

This does not execute from the installs from app store.

To test, I ran the app on the same phone without going through play store and then installing from play store. When I installed from play store, codePush.sync never executes.

gaurav-chandra wrote this answer on 2019-07-13

Any update on this?

gaurav-chandra wrote this answer on 2019-07-13

I was able to capture the code-push error on app from google play store:

[CodePush] Could not get binary hash.Error: Could not get binary hash. 

perhaps this would help.

gaurav-chandra wrote this answer on 2019-08-05

There is some binary hash error so install this plugin: After this it solved the problem.

faisal3413 wrote this answer on 2019-09-22

Hi @alexandergoncharov , do you have any update on this issue ? please respond.

alexandergoncharov wrote this answer on 2020-07-03

Hi all,
I'm sorry for that big delay.

Could please someone provide a demo app with reproducing issue and reprosteps? I would like to reproduce and investigate it. It will really helpful in an investigation.

gaurav-chandra wrote this answer on 2020-07-03

@alexandergoncharov this is not happening anymore with the latest version of the plugin. The bug was filed last year and after that you guys have updated the plugin. This was happening with "code-push": "^2.0.6" at my end but using "code-push": "^3.0.1"does not produce this bug.

Krasavinigor wrote this answer on 2020-07-14

Hi there!
@ElixirMike, @faisal3413
Do you have any issues now?

Krasavinigor wrote this answer on 2020-07-23

Hi @ElixirMike, @faisal3413,

I'm going to close this issue for now as I haven't heard from you in a while, unfortunately.
Please feel free to reopen it if you have any questions.

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