kubeadm: improve the version skew documentation

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in this section:

we document the kubeadm skew against the control plane, but we do not mention the skew of kubeadm against:

  • the kubelet
  • kubeadm itself

replace the section with the following to clarify all points:

## Version skew policy {#version-skew-policy}

While kubeadm allows version skew against some components that it manages, it is recommended that you
match the kubeadm version with the versions of the control plane components, kube-proxy and kubelet.

### kubeadm's skew against the Kubernetes version

kubeadm can be used with Kubernetes components that are the same version as kubeadm
or one version older. The Kubernetes version can be specified to kubeadm by using the
`--kubernetes-version` flag of `kubeadm init` or the
field when using `--config`. This option will control the versions
of kube-apiserver, kube-controller-manager, kube-scheduler and kube-proxy.

* kubeadm is at {{< skew latestVersion >}}
* `kubernetesVersion` must be at {{< skew latestVersion >}} or {{< skew prevMinorVersion >}}

### kubeadm's skew against the kubelet

Similarly to the Kubernetes version, kubeadm can be used with a kubelet version that is the same
version as kubeadm or one version older.

* kubeadm is at {{< skew latestVersion >}}
* kubelet on the host must be at {{< skew latestVersion >}} or {{< skew prevMinorVersion >}}

### kubeadm's skew against kubeadm

There are certain limitations on how kubeadm commands can operate on existing nodes or whole cluster
managed by kubeadm.

If new nodes are joined to the cluster, the kubeadm binary used for `kubeadm join` must match
the last version of kubeadm used to either create the cluster with `kubeadm init` or to upgrade
the same node with `kubeadm upgrade`. Similar rules apply to the rest of the kubeadm commands
with the exception of `kubeadm upgrade`.

Example for `kubeadm join`:
* kubeadm version {{< skew latestVersion >}} was used to create a cluster with `kubeadm init`
* Joining nodes must use a kubeadm binary that is at version {{< skew latestVersion >}}

Nodes that are being upgraded must use a version of kubeadm that is the same MINOR
version or one MINOR version newer than the version of kubeadm used for managing the

Example for `kubeadm upgrade`:
* kubeadm version {{< skew prevMinorVersion >}} was used to create or upgrade the node
* The version of kubeadm used for upgrading the node must be at {{< skew prevMinorVersion >}}
or {{< skew latestVersion >}}

To learn more about the version skew between the different Kubernetes component see
the [Version Skew Policy](https://kubernetes.io/releases/version-skew-policy/).
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