Can't do module replacement with github forks

This issue has been created since 2021-02-21.

So I want to have a replacement like:

replace => caddyfile

So I try this:

xcaddy build --with[email protected]

But it does this:

2021/02/21 07:25:03 [INFO] exec (timeout=0s): /usr/local/go/bin/go get -d -v[email protected]
go get[email protected]: malformed module path "": invalid char '='

This obviously isn't quite right, cause it never did the go mod edit -replace.

Next I tried without @caddyfile (my branch), and I get this:

2021/02/21 07:29:24 [INFO] Resolved relative replacement to /root/
2021/02/21 07:29:24 [INFO] Replace => /root/
2021/02/21 07:29:24 [INFO] exec (timeout=10s): /usr/local/go/bin/go mod edit -replace
caddy imports[email protected]: replacement directory /root/ does not exist

So xcaddy thinks that path is relative but it's not, it's a git repo.

I think to detect if it's relative, we should look if there's a . in front, so if you want to refer to something in the current dir then you do ./blah in the replacement. That should allow github module paths to work.

The workaround obviously for now is to git clone the relevant repo then use a relative path on that, but it would be nice so that people can easily test branches/PRs for plugins without cloning.

mholt wrote this answer on 2021-02-22

Hmm, wouldn't you just change the require dependency from to

francislavoie wrote this answer on 2021-02-22

No because that would imply the master branch, but if it's not on the master branch that won't work.

mholt wrote this answer on 2021-02-22

Set the version of that require directive to another branch then?

francislavoie wrote this answer on 2021-02-22

What do you mean? What would the command look like?

mholt wrote this answer on 2021-02-22

require directives consist of a module name and a version: v0.1.3

so instead of a version on the master branch, choose a different branch name.

francislavoie wrote this answer on 2021-02-22

Right but you would do that with @ in the xcaddy command, but that doesn't work. Did you miss that in the post above (2nd code block)?

mholt wrote this answer on 2021-02-22

I mean do this instead:

xcaddy build --with[email protected]
francislavoie wrote this answer on 2021-02-22

That won't work because the module in that repo is so a replace needs to happen.

mholt wrote this answer on 2021-02-22

Oh... I see... how does the go tool determine which kind of replacement to do, I wonder? (Can look into it later)

francislavoie wrote this answer on 2021-02-22

It does it just fine if you specify go mod edit -replace[email protected] but the problem is our "relative path" resolve step breaks it at the xcaddy CLI layer. (this is all explained above)

mohammed90 wrote this answer on 2021-02-22

FWIW, I started working on it last night but didn't finish it. This is where I'm at now.


diff --git a/cmd/xcaddy/main.go b/cmd/xcaddy/main.go
index 001f462..39d8b72 100644
--- a/cmd/xcaddy/main.go
+++ b/cmd/xcaddy/main.go
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ func runBuild(ctx context.Context, args []string) error {
 			if repl != "" {
 				// adjust relative replacements in current working directory since our temporary module is in a different directory
-				if !filepath.IsAbs(repl) {
+				if strings.HasPrefix(repl, ".") && !filepath.IsAbs(repl) {
 					repl, err = filepath.Abs(repl)
 					if err != nil {
 						log.Fatalf("[FATAL] %v", err)
@@ -288,7 +288,9 @@ func trapSignals(ctx context.Context, cancel context.CancelFunc) {
 func splitWith(arg string) (module, version, replace string, err error) {
 	const versionSplit, replaceSplit = "@", "="
-	parts := strings.SplitN(arg, versionSplit, 2)
+	modules := strings.SplitN(arg, replaceSplit, 2)
+	parts := strings.SplitN(modules[0], versionSplit, 2)
 	module = parts[0]
 	if len(parts) == 1 {

Test run:

=== RUN   TestSplitWith
    caddyserver/xcaddy/cmd/xcaddy/main_test.go:72: Test 2: Expected module 'replace' but got '' (input='[email protected]=replace')
    caddyserver/xcaddy/cmd/xcaddy/main_test.go:72: Test 3: Expected module 'replace' but got '' (input='module=replace')
francislavoie wrote this answer on 2021-02-22

It also needs to support [email protected]

mohammed90 wrote this answer on 2021-02-22

It also needs to support [email protected]


but didn't finish it


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