Compile fails with dependency on aws-c-auth private headers

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Describe the bug
Error when compiling.

SDK version number
1.9.95 and later.

Amazon Linux 2. GNU Guix.

To Reproduce (observed behavior)
When building aws-sdk-cpp with "-DBUILD_DEPS=OFF" (having installed the dependent AWS libraries separately) the build fails due to a dependency on the aws-c-auth private libraries which are not installed to the system.

The compile error is:
/tmp/guix-build-aws-sdk-cpp-1.9.121.drv-0/aws-sdk-cpp-1.9.121-checkout/aws-cpp-sdk-core-tests/aws/auth/AWSAuthSignerTest.cpp:17:10: fatal error: aws/auth/private/aws_signing.h: No such file or directory #include <aws/auth/private/aws_signing.h>

The change was made on 2021-06-04 in commit 23cca02.

Expected behavior
Clean build.

KaibaLopez wrote this answer on 2021-10-15

Hi @greghogan ,
Can you walk me through how you installed the dependencies separately so I can better reproduce this issue?

github-actions[bot] wrote this answer on 2021-10-18

Greetings! It looks like this issue hasn’t been active in longer than a week. We encourage you to check if this is still an issue in the latest release. Because it has been longer than a week since the last update on this, and in the absence of more information, we will be closing this issue soon. If you find that this is still a problem, please feel free to provide a comment or add an upvote to prevent automatic closure, or if the issue is already closed, please feel free to open a new one.

daniloegea wrote this answer on 2021-10-23

Got the same error here. The solution is to get to install the include/aws/auth/private directory, which seems wrong (well, it's called private for a reason I guess...).

Patching aws-c-auth with this will do the tricky, but again, it seems wrong.

--- CMakeLists.txt.orig 2021-10-23 10:33:37 UTC
+++ CMakeLists.txt
@@ -111,6 +111,7 @@ target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} PUBLIC ${DEP_AWS
 install(FILES ${AWS_AUTH_ROOT_HEADERS} DESTINATION "include/aws/auth" COMPONENT Development)
+install(FILES ${AWS_AUTH_PRIVATE_HEADERS} DESTINATION "include/aws/auth/private" COMPONENT Development)
    set (TARGET_DIR "shared")

I've installed all the aws-sdk-cpp's dependencies separately (-DBUILD_DEPS=OFF).

KaibaLopez wrote this answer on 2021-11-16

@daniloegea ,
Hey and thanks for the workaround! I never got an answer from op but could you tell me how you installed the deps ? Like, can you walk me through your process step by step so I can repro and maybe push this as a change if necessary?

daniloegea wrote this answer on 2021-11-16

Hi @KaibaLopez, I didn't do anything special really.

I simply built all the aws-sdk-cpp dependencies (these ones and installed at /usr/local.

Then I built aws-sdk-cpp with -DBUILD_DEPS=OFF so it will look for dependencies installed in the system. The compilation failed due to the error described above. The solution was to patch aws-c-auth to install the private headers.

It was part of the work to update the aws-sdk-cpp in the FreeBSD ports tree

I built everything on FreeBSD.

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