nmap is now a dependency?

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Hello, I package ASBRU-CM for MX Linux. First of all, thank you for updating the control file under dist/deb/debian.

But I have a question about the dependency changes, I noticed nmap is now a hard runtime dependency, is this correct?

If so, what is nmap actually being used for/with? (sorry if I couldn't locate where/why it was added). Thanks

Edit: Nevermind, I see it was changed here b7ef45a16d4cc890dedb5e71aa690072da96ac65

I guess I am still wondering why nmap is a hard runtime dependency, I haven't been packaging ASBRU-CM with nmap as a dependency at all, and no users have complained.

gfrenoy wrote this answer on 2021-02-17

ncat is used to support proxy with user/password. And it is part of the nmap project, indeed. We are testing if ncat is installed before using and displaying an error message if it's not the case so I guess we can make it optional...

Has anybody another comment or suggestion about this ?

SwampRabbit wrote this answer on 2021-02-17

@gfrenoy understood, thank you for the response. I saw mention of ncat for proxy support, and see that ncat was replaced with nmap.

In Debian nmap and ncat are two separate packages under the nmap "source package".
Source Package: nmap

Installing the nmap package itself does not pull in ncat as it is only a "suggest" of nmap package. Also nmap is not a dependency of ncat. So I think for at least Debian based distros, the old dependency of ncat is correct.

gfrenoy wrote this answer on 2021-02-17

Thanks for your clarification ! I'll revert back to ncat for 6.3.1.

gfrenoy wrote this answer on 2021-02-23

See #782, we have a regression for systems based on Ubuntu 19.10 (and earlier) as Linux Mint Tessa.

If there way to select nmap if ncat is not available ?

gfrenoy wrote this answer on 2021-02-25

@SwampRabbit I put ncat | nmap in the Debian control file, let me know if this should not make sense.

SwampRabbit wrote this answer on 2021-03-26

@gfrenoy apologies on not catching the update until now, but yes that should be fine actually. Distro package maintainers can always change it if they need to. ;)

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