Change detection for async Observable.

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Not sure if this is a bug, improvement or feature request. But currently the "async" pipe is not a guarantee to safely update the UI when the value changes. If the value is an Observable and the next method of the underlaying Subject is updated outside the zone, the template does not update. I thought that an Observable in template with async always automatically updates the value / triggers change detection (depending on update strategy). Currently I have to call next in NgZone#run. Why does Angular not subscribe to it when using async and updates the template when the value changed? This behavior is maybe intended. But what do you think to simplify this case? For example with an option in Component config or a special pipe like inZone or a configuration for async.

Proposed solution

It would be great there is an easy way to update values in template which are changed outside the zone. Especially for Observables. Personally I expect UI updated when using observable | async. Regardless if is run outside the zone or not. And for external observable, I need to wrap it to run in zone. Results in too much confusing and ugly code. Maybe I missed something what solve my issue. But consider to add this if there is no elegant solution yet.

Alternatives considered

I have to wrap any value to run in zone. Subscribe to observable and unsubscribe on component destroy.

class MyComponent {
  subscription: Subscription;
  ngOnInit() {
    this.subscription = this.observable.subscribe((value) => => this.value = value));
  ngOnDestroy() {

Background: I get values as observables from an external library (native plugins on Android; Ionic; Cordova) which doesn't run in Angular Zone. But I want this be updated in Angular HTML template. Workaround is wrapping in zone or e.g. use setInterval dummy for period trigger change detection.

Possible solution to wrap a value in zone (e.g. just set the same value to it):

<div>{{ myValue | async | inZone }}</div>


It would be great if I could tell Angular to run everything in template in its Zone. Either as config in Component or pipe, etc.

(Angular 14)

JeanMeche wrote this answer on 2022-11-23

A related ticket #36139

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