Ability to configure custom JSON parser in HttpClient

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There is a common use case to customize JSON parsing in HttpClient, which was already discussed in issue #21079 (closed without solution). There was also a very simple pull request #25027 favoring a JSON_PARSER injection token for customizing the parser. This was rejected in #25027 (comment) as it was considered fairly straightforward to have the user implement a JsonHttpInterceptor as suggested in https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-ivy-nrdj5q?file=src%2Fapp%2Fcustom-json-parser.ts,src%2Fapp%2Fjson-interceptor.ts.

However, if it were really straightforward, the suggested code would not change the behavior if customized with the original JSON.parse method - but it does in the following way:

  • It does not strip away the XSSI_PREFIX from the response body.
  • It does not return null for an empty response body.
  • It changes the error handling: In case of a parse error, a SyntaxError from the JSON.parse call is raised on the observable error channel instead of an HttpErrorResponse object with its error property set to a HttpJsonParseError object { error, text } where error is the SyntaxError and text is the original response body that could not be parsed.

This means, errors can no longer be handled as described in https://angular.io/guide/http#handling-request-errors. The user may end up in changing the error handling in unrelated HTTP interceptors and for httpClient calls throughout his code.

Proposed solution

Accepting the pull request #25027 would not cause such problems.

Alternatives considered

Modifying the JsonHttpInterceptor from https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-ivy-nrdj5q?file=src%2Fapp%2Fapp.module.ts to a more adequate solution. The user would need to look up the implementation of HttpXhrBackend (https://github.com/angular/angular/blob/main/packages/common/http/src/xhr.ts#L150) and reimplement the following code in a different way in JsonHttpInterceptor (which is error-prone rather than straightforward):

        // ok determines whether the response will be transmitted on the event or
        // error channel. Unsuccessful status codes (not 2xx) will always be errors,
        // but a successful status code can still result in an error if the user
        // asked for JSON data and the body cannot be parsed as such.
        let ok = status >= 200 && status < 300;

        // Check whether the body needs to be parsed as JSON (in many cases the browser
        // will have done that already).
        if (req.responseType === 'json' && typeof body === 'string') {
          // Save the original body, before attempting XSSI prefix stripping.
          const originalBody = body;
          body = body.replace(XSSI_PREFIX, '');
          try {
            // Attempt the parse. If it fails, a parse error should be delivered to the user.
            body = body !== '' ? JSON.parse(body) : null;
          } catch (error) {
            // Since the JSON.parse failed, it's reasonable to assume this might not have been a
            // JSON response. Restore the original body (including any XSSI prefix) to deliver
            // a better error response.
            body = originalBody;

            // If this was an error request to begin with, leave it as a string, it probably
            // just isn't JSON. Otherwise, deliver the parsing error to the user.
            if (ok) {
              // Even though the response status was 2xx, this is still an error.
              ok = false;
              // The parse error contains the text of the body that failed to parse.
              body = {error, text: body} as HttpJsonParseError;

        if (ok) {
          // A successful response is delivered on the event stream.
          observer.next(new HttpResponse({
            url: url || undefined,
          // The full body has been received and delivered, no further events
          // are possible. This request is complete.
        } else {
          // An unsuccessful request is delivered on the error channel.
          observer.error(new HttpErrorResponse({
            // The error in this case is the response body (error from the server).
            error: body,
            url: url || undefined,
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