Can't get the cosmos client to work - any ideas?

This issue has been created since 2019-12-17.

When I try to import the Cosmos DB client I get the following error:

"from azure.cosmos import CosmosClient, PartitionKey, exceptions

ImportError: cannot import name 'CosmosClient' from 'azure.cosmos' (C:\Users\markl\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37-32\lib\site-packages\azure\"

I have installed azure-cosmos, I am running Python 3.7.

Any help much appreciated.

benperk wrote this answer on 2020-01-10

I had the same issue but was targeting 2.7.16. I uninstalled that and targeted 3.8.0.


I executed:

python -m venv .venv
pip install --pre azure-cosmos

Also, I found the variable "endpoint" had "" and not '' which I changed, don't know if that matters but it's different and didn't test it, just wanted to mention JIC. But most importantly, execution failed when I left the default values for endpoint and key. Meaning, a real Cosmos DB endpoint and a real Cosmos DB key are required for it to compile …until then it fails with:

File ".\", line 11, in
client = CosmosClient('endpoint', 'key')

binascii.Error: Incorrect padding


tolgadur wrote this answer on 2020-01-27

same problem here

ghousethanedar wrote this answer on 2020-02-28

Same problem.....
Did you get any solution for this?

benperk wrote this answer on 2020-03-02

If you are getting the same exception as I provided in the previous post, then this is what resolved it for me: "a real Cosmos DB endpoint and a real Cosmos DB key are required for it to compile".

I did get it to work, yes.

endpoint = ''


DukaJ wrote this answer on 2020-03-22

Same problem here, anyone?

gbonventre wrote this answer on 2020-03-25

@DukaJ Try passing in the key as a dictionary
key = {'masterKey': 'some_key_here_as_string'}

meigaoms wrote this answer on 2020-04-12

same problem here. Anyone got a solution?

jyoo wrote this answer on 2020-04-17

Have you checked the version of azure-cosmos? If you installed the SDK by pip install azure-cosmos without --pre, the SDK version would be 3.1.2, and you would encounter the error.

Check its version by pip list, and make sure if there is azure-cosmos 4.0.0b6. If there is not, pip uninstall azure-cosmos and run pip install --pre azure-cosmos

wadzaw wrote this answer on 2020-05-01

@jyoo 's suggestion (adding --pre to pip install) does work.

But here's a workaround with the 3.x.x version :
from azure.cosmos.cosmos_client import CosmosClient
from azure.cosmos.partition_key import PartitionKey

ChrisMiller-SQ wrote this answer on 2021-01-22

I think if you have the azure-cli installed it's written in python. So it installs an out-of-date version of the azure.cosmos package, which you also can't remove with pip3 uninstall, because it's in the python library path, but not in the location that pip3 uninstall will remove from.

After you get yourself authenticated with azure, uninstalling the azure-cli (apt-get uninstall azure-cli, apt-get autoremove, and the autoremove is not negotiable), then you can use pip to install azure and everything will be fine.

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